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AFL-CIO 50th Constitutional Convention in St. Paul

Local 607 Members Deborah Zobel and Erlene Fitzpatrick attend AFL-CIO convention in St. Paul

WE ARE ONE was the theme at the 50th Annual AFL-CIO conferance held at the MN NURSES ASSOCATION AND SEIU HEALTHCARE MN office building in St. Paul.

Local 607 sent 4 delegates to attend this informative and enlightening conference. There were several workshops, so we split up and attended different ones to try and get the most information we could. With that being said; there was so much information, it is hard to put it on the web page. I will share some of it, but if you would like to hear more, you can call or e-mail. Deb Zobel, Erlene Fitzpatrick, Laura Hagen or Tamera Weller. We will try to tell you more of what we learned and answer any questions you may have. I will now share with you some of the information that I gathered.

As we all know the middle class is under attack. We need to keep ourselves informed and educated as to who is friendly to you and your own life situation. They asked that we develop coalitions with community leaders and other unions and become ONE to make America and the middle class strong again. We need to become the United States of America, not the United Corporations of America.
With the years of cuts to the wealthy corporations, it appears that they are unable or refuse to create more jobs for whatever reasons they may have, be it personal or political. Which means raising taxes on the top 1% is what needs to be done.

If you have heard the term "The right to work" you need to educate yourself more on this issue as it means, "The Right to work for less" to those of us that are in Labor. If this legislation is passed it will mean a projected $5,000 less in not only our paychecks but for all the working class. Find out if your legislator is in support of this and if he is please call him.

We had several guest speakers. They were all very informed and educated as to why now, more than ever we need to be ONE in the fight for the middle class & our rights to collectively bargain for our contracts. Mahlon Mitchell a fire fighter from Wisconsin was a guest speaker who is currently leading the fight against Scott Walker and his attacks on the middle class. I suggest you Google this man. His message is clear and precise, he was a very good speaker.

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