Local 607: DHS-Metro/South & Academies

AFSCME Council 5 Convention in Bloomington MN 2014

On Sept 11, 2014, the 10th Annual AFSCME Council 5 convention was called to order. Our Theme is, "FROM ME TO WE: FIGHTING FOR OUR FUTURE"
18 Delegates from Local 607 attended. There were a variety of workshops our delegates could attend. Such as: Generational Differences, Retiree Power within AFSCME, Join the Movement Against Sweatshop Labor, Women's Economic Security Act: Why it matters & 8 others.
Delegates attended District meetings, Elected a new Council 5 Executive Board , new district leaders, and listened to a speaker from Wisconsin explain how important it is that we elect a Governor that is for the people and does not make our state a right to work state. It will mean we will have the right to work for less.
On Saturday morning, our Governor Mark Dayton spoke to us and asked for our help in the upcoming election. He asks us to do whatever we can to get the word out to other members, their friends, family and neighbors, of how important it is to work for the people of Minnesota and not for corporation power & greed. He stayed afterwards for several minutes to talk to members and take pictures.

  Convention Photos:

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